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Like I said earlier, appearances and preconceptions aren’t going to tell you anything. You assume that I’m very patient and underestimate me…. The clan…. The clan… You keep harping on it, mistaking the size of that vessel and underestimating the size of mine. That’s why you’re here now, groveling.

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Favorite Naruto Moments - [2/?]

This scene was when we truly got to see that Itachi and Sasuke had a strong bond. Yes, we have before scene the fact that they did occasionally bond with each other and shared a deep meaning, but this scene gave it all away. If it had not been for Sasuke who yelled out for Itachi, who knows what the older brother would have done. Sasuke turned out to be Itachi’s anchor. We truly got to understand their bond in this scene.

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Anime “Mekakucity Actors” New PV Release

Stay tuned this Saturday for the airing of the anime! We will be posting all links to the subbed episodes on our tumblr and twitter.

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